A bit more about Brooklyn

One of my best memories as a child was making clothes out of scrap fabric for my Barbie and then having a Miss America contest with two of my friends.  My Barbie won, not because of the clothes that I made but because when I was asked how much she weighed I said 10lbs.  Now as an adult 3 things come to mind about this.

1. 10lbs sounds like a lot for a Barbie but my friend’s parents actually gave me the win, because I had an “anorexic weight” for my Barbie.  The rest of my friends gave normal weights.

2. Why in the world did my friends at the age of ten know what a normal weight was?

3. Why was this even a question? Shouldn’t it have been about the clothes we made, or the personality we gave our Barbies.

As I got older my weight fluctuated between “normal” to “thin” to “heavy” and back again.  I was always told I was heavy, even when there were pictures of me concave.  Furthermore the quote my grandmother is most remembered for is “you can never be too rich or too thin.”  Tough crowd!

So what does all this mean to me as an adult? I’m fed up.  I have a daughter now and I never want her to feel the way that I felt.  Furthermore I never want her looks to be her focus.  I vow never to use the word diet near her.  I vow never to say I look fat in front of her.  I vow for every mean thing I say about my looks to myself and quietly, I have to say something nice about my looks to myself loudly.  And mostly I vow that for every time I compliment how beautiful, pretty or cute Stella is, she will also get a compliment from me about how good, happy, sweet, funny, kind, smart, etc. she is.  In other words enough!

The greatest pleasure in my working life was co-owning Vive La Femme- a plus size women’s clothing store. I loved every woman who walked through the door. I loved styling her. I love getting to know her. I loved seeing her inner beauty and her outer beauty.  Ladies every one of you is beautiful, and I don’t just mean on the inside. What I loved most about Vive La Femme was helping women find a style that worked for them, with clothes that fit, and watching them find their beautiful selves inside and out.  Once a woman finds an outfit that looks great on her, she is ready to conquer the world.  I am so passionate about helping women find their fit and show what they are made of.

About stellalucille

Growing up, I did not like to shop-in fact, it almost always ended in tears. As a teenager I was busy baking, swimming, and hanging out with my boyfriend, not reading Seventeen or Elle for fashion advise. There was no indication I’d find my calling in fashion. But that all changed when I went to Los Angeles for collage and wanted to look the part. At first I loved to shop, but I easily gained the freshman 15, then more. Shopping became more difficult, but I stilled wanted to dress well. I fell in love with finding fashion forward clothing for the curvy woman and from there I had a plus size clothing. I’ve been all sizes- from straight sizes to junior plus, plus, maternity plus and back again. I love fashion and believe everyone needs to dress in his or her own style, while meshing that with what is fashion forward, fits, and works within your budget. Even though I’m the woman that wanted to wear jeans to my own wedding, I’ve always been the person that friends and family turn to for fashion advise, developing style, creating a shopping plan, educating them on fit, and helping them see beyond their own body perceptions. Put it this way I didn’t wear jeans to my wedding but when I found that elusive, perfect dress the first thing I said was it “feels” like I’m in my jeans. Finding the right fit is not always easy. Finding the right clothes is not always easy, and finding the right style is not always easy. But I can help you with all of that. Whatever shape or size, gender, lifestyle or budget there are great, fashionable, clothes for you. Feeling good in what you wear can make you feel great in who you are.

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