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4 Easy Drab to Fab Steps

Did I really just use the phrase drab to fab???

I’m 7 months postpartum and trying to figure out my new body.  Before I go out and spend on new outfits, I went shopping in my own closet.  I always hold on to my basics if they fit, but that doesn’t mean they are always in style.  So how do you turn those old drab basics into fab style?

1. Do a little turn on the catwalk..Take it all out.  Look at it.  Study it.  Know your closet.

Play. Be your own Barbie.  Dress up.  Think of yourself as a 5-year-old wanting to be a pretty princess.  Blast the music and do your own private catwalk. Notice what you like and don’t like about each piece.  Look at it in regards to fashion and fit.

Start the mix and match look. That great blazer that you have worn on a thousand interviews, try it with jeans. What about that cozy warm sweater that you wear to curl up in your sweats, I bet you can make that stylish by pairing with leggings and boots for winter. All those favorite outfits, keep them in mind, but now also break them up to find more. I love my jeans and a tank to run around in. I throw a blouse over it with the buttons open to get some extra warmth, but also to create a new look. My favorite little black dress rocks by itself, but I put a sweater over and now I have the naughty secretary look.

Whew that was work! I promise the other steps don’t take so much energy (but at least you might have started a partial closet purge with this one if you wanted)

Old Navy Zebra print sweater turns from drab to fab with the addition of vintage belt

Old Navy Zebra print sweater turns from drab to fab with the addition of vintage belt

Example: For me the other day it was my old black dress (not the one mentioned above). Can I tell you alone it looks like a nightshirt on me. It’s way too big in the midsection now, and way too tight in the chest.  And a sweater that I bought without trying on and never did close at my chest. With jeans I just look like a grandma.

2. Diamonds are a girls best friend and CZs, and Gold, and Silver, and more…Jewelry time. Take it all out!

Start pairing your jewelry with your favorite pieces of clothing. Multiple pieces will look good with each shirt. For each big piece of jewelry this could mean a whole new look! Think about layering jewelry. Yes you can overdue it, but look at what you do before you leave. Try one long necklace and one short necklace together. Try big necklaces, with simple earrings or vice versa. But so often we forget about pieces we haven’t worn recently. Break them out, and have fun. I keep all my necklaces hanging on little hooks so I can always see them.

Example: My necklace. OMG do I love this necklace. My husband recently got this for me for our anniversary. When I opened I thought I love it, but I really don’t wear that orangey color. So what. It looks awesome with everything. It reads red with black, it reads orange when paired with blue. And it adds color everywhere.

Floral Kate Spade Sparkly necklace in orange

Kate Spade necklace adds a punch of color to any outfit

3. Shoes, and Purses, and Belts-Oh my! Let’s look at those other accessories.

You a belt person, or a shoe hoarder, what about your purse collection? I bet it rocks! These are part of the outfit, just like in the winter, your overcoat is too. A quick and easy fix for a new outfit is switch up the shoes or the purse. I have a poor shoe collection (I admit it, I have bad feet) but when I want to change the look of my jeans, I break out my heels and suddenly a whole new look. (Although one that makes my feet unhappy) Or what I prefer to do is switch up my purse. I love my purse collection. It makes me feel so hot, even on my laziest days. So carry it with confidence, it will make the rest of the outfit come together. Make sure that you have some color in these three areas though. You need at least one pair of shoes, one belt and one purse that screams for the days when you wear all black!

Example: This belt was part of a dress that was so cheap I couldn’t not buy it. I loved it when I tried it on. When I wore it the first time I just didn’t like the dress. I just didn’t feel great about it. I ended up making it work other times, and feel good about the purchase, but the best part was this belt. Who knew I would get such use out of pulling this belt off this dress. I pair it all the time with dresses. It cinches my waist in, and has just the perfect amount of flair.

Vintage belt that cinches waist to make my sweater fashionable

Vintage belt that cinches waist to make my sweater fashionable


This is not about purging your closet, this is not about finding the clothes that you bought thinking “one day” or “it will encourage me to lose 10lbs” NO this is about shopping. And it’s free shopping, and it’s stuff you already like because you already spent money on it. So….HAVE FUN!

Drab to Fab with Kate Spake Necklace & Zebra Sweater

Drab to Fab with Kate Spake Necklace & Zebra Sweater

Had I not shopped in my closet, but just did a purge I would have thrown these pieces away.

Paired together I get a casual professional look.  The sweater hides where the dress doesn’t fit, and I was able to make the whole thing fashionable by honing in on today’s look with belts, and adding my colorful necklace.

I shopped, I saved money, I got a new outfit, all out of my closet.

Secret Style (of the Victoria kind)

Style is not just about what you show to the world.  In fact style really should have more about much of what you hide from the world.  It should come from within.  It is who you are.  Who we are is a question that should take us our whole lives to discover, but it can be who we are in that moment and what we want to exude.  It can express itself in a great dress, in your killer pair of jeans, in a purse, in a car, in tablecloth.  It can also exhibit itself in your lingerie, even if there is no one there to see it.  I’ll admit I rarely buy new under garments, my poor husband.  Although on second thought I don’t know how much he cares, as it’s not about what I wear, but how it makes me feel.  So amongst my old panties and bras there is still quite a bit of style.  These days my bras consist of one beautiful, lacy nursing bra, and three sports bras.  Want to know which makes me feel more stylish and sexier?  Not the lacy girl, but the sports bra.  Why?  It lift my ladies up, it gives me a waist, and hell it feels so much better comfort wise, and makes my shirts look better.  Then I feel confident, and that is style.  On the flip side though I hate my white cotton under pieces.  They are ratty and nasty and I only wear them when I feel ratty and nasty.  I actually take a careful amount of time picking out what I am going to wear in the morning. Partially because I want to make sure not to have visible panty line, or bright colors with white pants, but more because it will reflect how I feel.  I wear my Gap bright colors with designs on happy, work-days.  My comfy black satin when I want to feel a little risqué (even though they don’t necessarily look that way)  And I wear my tongue and cheek items when I’m feeling well… tongue and cheek- my favorite being my hand knitted pairs.  I have different themes- Christmas Mistletoe is my favorite.  They make me laugh, they make my husband laugh, they make my friends laugh when I give them away as gifts.  My point being that Style comes from finding what piece of you you want to show the world today, and running with it.  Sometimes that translates to what you actually show the world which is why fashion is such a big business, and I love doing what I do.  But sometimes it’s just for you, and your secret.  So if you would like your very own pair of knitted panties- custom made-size, color, image I will give 3 of them away for free if you follow me on instagram and facebook and twitter with the hashtag #PersonalSLStylingknits and a picture of your favorite item that represents your style. I’ll pick the 3 lucky winners next Sunday the 22.


5 Stylish Cheats on a Blah Day

It’s nasty and gross out, rainy and cloudy and it’s 5:45 time to get up for work. The last thing you want to do. Or maybe you were out last night and had way too much fun and are paying the price today, but you have to. What do you do when feel blah, want that extra time in bed, but you still have to get up and get dressed for work. Most of the time I’m guessing you say to yourself “I don’t care. I’ll throw something on and go. Today I don’t care what other people think today, I look good most other days.”

Honestly I have those days too. Everyone deserves those days. But there are ways to make those days look good, or at least better. I won’t sit here and tell you if you fake smile then eventually you will feel better. I won’t tell you to dress your best because then you will feel it. What I will tell you is cheats for these days.

5 Great Cheats for Dressing on Blah Days

  1. Find that one favorite outfit that just looks good no matter what the situation. That looks good with your hair a mess, or put together. That feels good even when you don’t. That fits like a glove. That is comfy yet cute.
  2. Own a great pair of black yoga pants. Put these on with a great top that covers the band of the yoga pants. Now you are comfortable. Throw on some fancier accessories and suddenly your yoga pants look like great outfit, but you are cozy in your sweats.
  3. Own at least one great bra. Ok I actually suggest you own a lot more than one, but they are so expensive. So if you must only have one, this is the day to bring it out. It will lift those ladies, and make even your nastiest of shirts look better.
  4. Own a great hat. There are mornings when I wake up and I know I need to shower, but it’s just not in me. My hair is a wreck. If I thrown on a cute hat that is work appropriate, and braid my hair, now I look fashionable and I cut my morning routine down by 25 minutes. If you can’t wear a hat at work, know an easy hairstyle that hides the greace. I recommend a low braid, or wear your hair loose with a few pieces tied back. Now it looks like a pretty mess. Whatever you do don’t pull your hair back in a tight pony. It shows the greace like crazy.
  5. Know that one item of make up that transforms you. I know we prefer to go out with all our make up on, but that’s not always possible, especially on these days. For some women it’s their foundation, for other’s blush or lipstick, for me it’s my mascara. Just a little mascara pulls out my eyes, and within seconds can give me a slightly better look. Make up is the first thing to get cut when I’m in a rush or feeling blah. However if nothing else I throw on my mascara so that at least I look a little made up. Make sure to always have that one go to piece in your bag. That way if you feel blah in the morning and don’t put anything on, later in the day when you have a moment you can at least add this.

So here is to all the blah, rainy, days that we would prefer to curl up in bed and be a bum. Now we can go forth in the world, looking just a tad better, but with little to no effort.  

Stunning Scaves

I find myself not knowing what to wear every morning lately. I know odd right, considering I’m a stylist. But my issue isn’t my clothes, my issue is the weather. I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, I should be used to the frozen tundra to the desert heat all in one day, but for some reason this spring is throwing me. I want to wear bright colors, short sleeves, and springtime trends, but I’m cold. I know later it will get hot, and then get cold again. I know I could grab a sweater, but that’s not doing it for me.

Solution: a scarf!

I went through the trend a few years ago where I wouldn’t be seen out of the house without a scarf. I have quite the collection. Some I love, some I hate now, and some that are just a bit useless and frayed. Although the scarves are still in style, I personally outdid it. So it was not initially my natural inclination to grab a scarf. But then I saw this awesome video from Nordstrom’s. It shows all the millions of ways to wear a scarf and my passion for scarfs came back.

I love adding the pop of color and style to my wardrobe. I love that I can make one scarf do so many different things. I love that the scarf transforms the outfit into a whole new one. But mostly I love that when I get cold I have the solution at my fingertips, and when I get hot, off it comes. And as a bonus I’ve even used my scarf to wrap my daughter up in when she was cold, and I have to admit I even used it once as an impromptu burp cloth- although that I don’t recommend.

What do you think of all the different ways to wear your scarf?