4 Easy Drab to Fab Steps

Did I really just use the phrase drab to fab???

I’m 7 months postpartum and trying to figure out my new body.  Before I go out and spend on new outfits, I went shopping in my own closet.  I always hold on to my basics if they fit, but that doesn’t mean they are always in style.  So how do you turn those old drab basics into fab style?

1. Do a little turn on the catwalk..Take it all out.  Look at it.  Study it.  Know your closet.

Play. Be your own Barbie.  Dress up.  Think of yourself as a 5-year-old wanting to be a pretty princess.  Blast the music and do your own private catwalk. Notice what you like and don’t like about each piece.  Look at it in regards to fashion and fit.

Start the mix and match look. That great blazer that you have worn on a thousand interviews, try it with jeans. What about that cozy warm sweater that you wear to curl up in your sweats, I bet you can make that stylish by pairing with leggings and boots for winter. All those favorite outfits, keep them in mind, but now also break them up to find more. I love my jeans and a tank to run around in. I throw a blouse over it with the buttons open to get some extra warmth, but also to create a new look. My favorite little black dress rocks by itself, but I put a sweater over and now I have the naughty secretary look.

Whew that was work! I promise the other steps don’t take so much energy (but at least you might have started a partial closet purge with this one if you wanted)

Old Navy Zebra print sweater turns from drab to fab with the addition of vintage belt

Old Navy Zebra print sweater turns from drab to fab with the addition of vintage belt

Example: For me the other day it was my old black dress (not the one mentioned above). Can I tell you alone it looks like a nightshirt on me. It’s way too big in the midsection now, and way too tight in the chest.  And a sweater that I bought without trying on and never did close at my chest. With jeans I just look like a grandma.

2. Diamonds are a girls best friend and CZs, and Gold, and Silver, and more…Jewelry time. Take it all out!

Start pairing your jewelry with your favorite pieces of clothing. Multiple pieces will look good with each shirt. For each big piece of jewelry this could mean a whole new look! Think about layering jewelry. Yes you can overdue it, but look at what you do before you leave. Try one long necklace and one short necklace together. Try big necklaces, with simple earrings or vice versa. But so often we forget about pieces we haven’t worn recently. Break them out, and have fun. I keep all my necklaces hanging on little hooks so I can always see them.

Example: My necklace. OMG do I love this necklace. My husband recently got this for me for our anniversary. When I opened I thought I love it, but I really don’t wear that orangey color. So what. It looks awesome with everything. It reads red with black, it reads orange when paired with blue. And it adds color everywhere.

Floral Kate Spade Sparkly necklace in orange

Kate Spade necklace adds a punch of color to any outfit

3. Shoes, and Purses, and Belts-Oh my! Let’s look at those other accessories.

You a belt person, or a shoe hoarder, what about your purse collection? I bet it rocks! These are part of the outfit, just like in the winter, your overcoat is too. A quick and easy fix for a new outfit is switch up the shoes or the purse. I have a poor shoe collection (I admit it, I have bad feet) but when I want to change the look of my jeans, I break out my heels and suddenly a whole new look. (Although one that makes my feet unhappy) Or what I prefer to do is switch up my purse. I love my purse collection. It makes me feel so hot, even on my laziest days. So carry it with confidence, it will make the rest of the outfit come together. Make sure that you have some color in these three areas though. You need at least one pair of shoes, one belt and one purse that screams for the days when you wear all black!

Example: This belt was part of a dress that was so cheap I couldn’t not buy it. I loved it when I tried it on. When I wore it the first time I just didn’t like the dress. I just didn’t feel great about it. I ended up making it work other times, and feel good about the purchase, but the best part was this belt. Who knew I would get such use out of pulling this belt off this dress. I pair it all the time with dresses. It cinches my waist in, and has just the perfect amount of flair.

Vintage belt that cinches waist to make my sweater fashionable

Vintage belt that cinches waist to make my sweater fashionable


This is not about purging your closet, this is not about finding the clothes that you bought thinking “one day” or “it will encourage me to lose 10lbs” NO this is about shopping. And it’s free shopping, and it’s stuff you already like because you already spent money on it. So….HAVE FUN!

Drab to Fab with Kate Spake Necklace & Zebra Sweater

Drab to Fab with Kate Spake Necklace & Zebra Sweater

Had I not shopped in my closet, but just did a purge I would have thrown these pieces away.

Paired together I get a casual professional look.  The sweater hides where the dress doesn’t fit, and I was able to make the whole thing fashionable by honing in on today’s look with belts, and adding my colorful necklace.

I shopped, I saved money, I got a new outfit, all out of my closet.

About stellalucille

Growing up, I did not like to shop-in fact, it almost always ended in tears. As a teenager I was busy baking, swimming, and hanging out with my boyfriend, not reading Seventeen or Elle for fashion advise. There was no indication I’d find my calling in fashion. But that all changed when I went to Los Angeles for collage and wanted to look the part. At first I loved to shop, but I easily gained the freshman 15, then more. Shopping became more difficult, but I stilled wanted to dress well. I fell in love with finding fashion forward clothing for the curvy woman and from there I had a plus size clothing. I’ve been all sizes- from straight sizes to junior plus, plus, maternity plus and back again. I love fashion and believe everyone needs to dress in his or her own style, while meshing that with what is fashion forward, fits, and works within your budget. Even though I’m the woman that wanted to wear jeans to my own wedding, I’ve always been the person that friends and family turn to for fashion advise, developing style, creating a shopping plan, educating them on fit, and helping them see beyond their own body perceptions. Put it this way I didn’t wear jeans to my wedding but when I found that elusive, perfect dress the first thing I said was it “feels” like I’m in my jeans. Finding the right fit is not always easy. Finding the right clothes is not always easy, and finding the right style is not always easy. But I can help you with all of that. Whatever shape or size, gender, lifestyle or budget there are great, fashionable, clothes for you. Feeling good in what you wear can make you feel great in who you are.

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  1. I am currently on a challenge where I am not buying any new clothes for a year, and it’s forced me to go through my closet a hundred times and be creative. Like you said, find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had several of those keep/toss/sell piles, and it is always so refreshing when you’re finished, with a bunch of new ideas (and maybe some add’l $$ from selling clothes). Cute necklace, btw!

  2. Thanks for the link! I love shopping in my own closet. Especially when my size changes often!!

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