3 Questions for 3 Zeros

I recently saw the article that J. Crew (one of my favorites in terms of design) is releasing size 000 jeans. They have gotten a lot of negative press about this. Their defense is that the Asian market is calling for it.   Of course this has everyone discussing what this does about female body image, and I agree. However I think the issue runs deeper and it has raised a few questions for me.

To write this post I wanted to know what percent of American women are considered plus size. I found numbers in a heartbeat. Then I googled what percent of American women are a size 0. I tried rewording the question a few different ways. I couldn’t find the answer. I know a few women who face similar issues that us curvy girls face. They are genuinely petit women and have been forced to find clothing at children’s stores. However, there are fewer of them than there are of us. So here is my first question:

  1. Why do we allow 000 sizing in stores, but size 12’s and 14’s are being phased out of stores and only sold online or in specialty sections?

No matter what your body type we shouldn’t let stores shame us. Over half of the market is a size 12 and up. Why aren’t stores embracing that? If nothing else, financially it makes sense. I do think it’s ridiculous that I can’t go shopping at the same stores as my straight size friends. (For the record junior  plus size starts at 10, and plus is considered 14) I’d like to see that change. And really it should, considering much of this stems from vanity sizing. I found articles going back at least to 2009 about how insane size 0 is. Yet we are having the same conversation five years later about 000 sizing.

  1. We haven’t done anything about it and what do we do to remedy it?

Get over it ladies! Do we really want a number to define us. I don’t define myself as being a 5’2” or having a size 7 foot, by my age (35) or by my sleep number. So why would I define myself by what the scale says (haven’t checked in over a month, but maybe 190ish) or better yet by what J. Crew (way tooo big for them) or Gap (size 14/16) or even what number Monif C (1x) puts on my clothes. I define myself by who I am. Do we really need vanity sizing? Does it really make you feel that good? Yes when I slip into a 14 over a 16 for a second I smile. And when I put on my 18 pants instead of my 16, I’m not particularly thrilled. But that is fleeting. It doesn’t define my happiness. Big corporations have vanity sizing so we will buy more. We are NOT that dumb. So I say once again, get over it. You want to feel great while shopping? Buy clothes that you love and that fit properly. They will make you feel like a rock star every time you wear them. I love my Svoboda jeans every time I put them on, because they do wonders for my bum. I covet a Monif C dress because it is stunning, and beautifully made. Neither of these things appeal to me due to being a certain size. So ladies don’t fall for this trick.

Perfect dress for day to night from Monif C.

Perfect dress for day to night from Monif C.

  1. Why do men have standard sizing and women don’t?

I learned a few more things with this article and being in this industry. Clothing has traditionally been scaled to a size eight and then going up and down as needed. This quits working at a point. Good plus size designers don’t necessarily use this formula. Furthermore, did you know there was standard sizing for women? It was created in the 1920s for catalogs, but slowly, inch by inch, it has been changing. A size 24 from the 1930s is currently a size 14! We really need to go back to standard sizing, measuring our waists and not being scared of it. It’s just a number, just as insignificant as the number of words in this post (885 by the way). It would make shopping so much easier, and so much more fun if we could get over numbers.

Gap pants show how vanity sizing works.

Gap pants show how vanity sizing works.

Let’s not break out the picket signs, let’s not NOT shop somewhere. Instead, believe in yourself. Focus on buying clothes that you love and that fit. We all have body issues and things we want to change. Instead of harping on those, embrace the things you love about yourself. I know this can be hard. So start small. Maybe your eyes, or your smile, or your hands, whatever it is embrace that. Feel good about yourself for that, and let’s take it one step at a time, together. We will get you clothing that is your style and fits and makes you feel great. I’m here to help.

On another minor note I have been to China numerous times and I can tell you that although the women are small, it is slowly taking on our American habits, and they are not all a size 000. But this is just a side note.



Some fun articles I used for my data:




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Growing up, I did not like to shop-in fact, it almost always ended in tears. As a teenager I was busy baking, swimming, and hanging out with my boyfriend, not reading Seventeen or Elle for fashion advise. There was no indication I’d find my calling in fashion. But that all changed when I went to Los Angeles for collage and wanted to look the part. At first I loved to shop, but I easily gained the freshman 15, then more. Shopping became more difficult, but I stilled wanted to dress well. I fell in love with finding fashion forward clothing for the curvy woman and from there I had a plus size clothing. I’ve been all sizes- from straight sizes to junior plus, plus, maternity plus and back again. I love fashion and believe everyone needs to dress in his or her own style, while meshing that with what is fashion forward, fits, and works within your budget. Even though I’m the woman that wanted to wear jeans to my own wedding, I’ve always been the person that friends and family turn to for fashion advise, developing style, creating a shopping plan, educating them on fit, and helping them see beyond their own body perceptions. Put it this way I didn’t wear jeans to my wedding but when I found that elusive, perfect dress the first thing I said was it “feels” like I’m in my jeans. Finding the right fit is not always easy. Finding the right clothes is not always easy, and finding the right style is not always easy. But I can help you with all of that. Whatever shape or size, gender, lifestyle or budget there are great, fashionable, clothes for you. Feeling good in what you wear can make you feel great in who you are.

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