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My 30 Day Fashion Challenge- The best kind of 30 day workout!

Well as you have seen I’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks. We are moving. This has presented me with lots of challenges and as you have seen my blog, and social media has fallen to the wayside. I can’t promise I am going to be back full force until the move is complete, but I do promise to do my best to stay in better touch. In an effort do to so I am publically challenging myself and I don’t back down from a challenge.

How to live for over a month on a very limited clothing supply? (Well by my standards) I never considered myself a clotheshorse, but the truth is, I am. I also don’t consider myself a pack rack or a hoarder, but apparently when it comes to clothes, I am. I don’t throw anything away. My closet is busting open. My size fluctuates vastly within the year, and I have seen trends come and go so much so that I have learned not to throw anything away- good or bad.

So when I had to get the bulk of my house packed up a full month before we moved this gave me quite the scare. How could I part with my clothes? My most favorite nursing top that I don’t even wear for nursing?

The best nursing top by Molly Ades

My favorite Nursing Top by Molly Ades


My awesome Antrho sweater that always sparks a conversation? My perfect leather belt that I bought instead of an I-Pad? (which I bought at the best place for gifts ever!)

Brooklyn loves her jeans and t-shirt, especially paired with her favorite belt.

Check out my awesome belt!

Only one pair of jeans- you have got to be kidding!  (I kept both my Svoboda jeans!) At first it was easy though! I ditched all heavy winter clothes- including the Anthro sweater. Next came anything that was just too big or just too small. I finished with my maternity clothes- (I couldn’t part with the Molly Ades nursing top-It’s just too good) That left me with- close to everything.
I eventually made a deal with myself. I allowed myself to have:


14 outfits worth of work clothes

(I work in fashion, I can’t wear the same thing every day, and hopefully I can create even more from that)

3 workout outfits

(I missed, packed my favorite pants, and I’m not sure where) and

5 hanging out outfits

(again which I hope to make into many more outfits).


The big question is can I live on my slimmed down closet? And although I can see all my clothes, is admittedly, still a lot. BUT LOOK AT IT!!!! I’m so proud!

My pared down closet after packing

My pared down closet- still messy, but with a lot less clothes

The answer so far is a complete and utter fail. I freaked out and worried that I was missing a short sleeves nice work short. My first stop was target. I tried on quite a bit, but convinced myself to walk out with only one blouse- a short sleeves work shirt.


So my goal (starting today, as I failed yesterday) is to live the next 30 days with only what is in my closet right now. Then if I can, I vow to pare down my closet even more. Can this fashionista give up her most favorite clothes, and find some new favorites…time will tell? Stay tuned on Instagram, FaceBook or Twitter for pics of some of the outfits I come up with during my challenge- I can’t always promise good pictures, but good outfits yes!