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I Want You to Want Me

I want you to want me…

One of my favorite “dancing alone in my room” songs.  You are hearing the rest of it in your head right now aren’t you…Don’t lie.

My point is I want you to want me.  Really, and truly, I do.  I have a million thoughts on the plus size industry, female empowerment, and learning to love life just as it is.  However my thoughts are what I think about.  I want to know what is on your mind and what I can help you with.

I recently asked a FaceBook group that I am part of “When shopping for clothing what do you feel is missing out there?  Where/What do you struggle with the most?”

Sadly the answers were not surprising.  My absolute favorite answer was “Everything.”  Other answers included:

“Just because I’m large around the waist doesn’t mean I’m tall”

“I think plus size in tall sizes is missing”

“Clothes that are good quality that don’t cost a fortune and actually have some style”

“I just want to dress/look normal…I don’t want to look like a diva or make bold statements with my clothes”

“Everything is either baggy and ugly or fitted but not to flatter”

“The shopping experience is so awful”

“Wide calf stuff”

“Pants that don’t sag, and shirts that are not so low cut”


“In my dream world Banana Republic, Anthropologie, North Face, J. Crew and Hunter boots would all accommodate plus sizes”  (Look what I did find though- )

It does exist-Maybe

“Plain tunics to wear with leggings”

Basically the person who said “Everything” nailed it.

So for you there I pose the same question but more in depth-

  1. When shopping what is missing for you?
  2. What price point are you willing to spend up to?
  3. What do you want to hear about to make styling easier on you in your day to day?

I really do want to hear your thoughts as I start writing and posting more so that I can help find solutions for you that fit your lifestyle.