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Let’s Get Physical

I have such middle school sleepover memories of that song. That and songs from Flashdance.  I digress already though.

So here we are the end of a year, and the beginning of new one upon us.  Let me guess- we all want to lose weight.  And if you handled the holidays like I did, I can’t completely blame you.  Although I enjoyed my holidays, loved every cookie, piece of bacon, and bite of cheese I feel, well, like I am literally made of cheese.  (Which I am literally not)

My question is what motivates you to get back to working out?  I know I start work out regimens all the time, and then I stop them, and then I start them, and then I stop them, and then I start them, and then I stop them, and you get the picture so I will stop writing stop and start.  Really though, I want to know what gets you motivated?  It’s important to share because you might find motivation in someone else’s motives and vice versa.

So as I wait for your answers to come pouring in I will share my non-fluffy, a bit demoralizing, and certainly non-politically correct answers to what motivates me:

  1. My fit bit. I freaking love this thing. I’m addicted. It’s sick. I love logging on and checking it out. And I am so competitive that if I don’t do more steps than my husband I will pace my floor. I figure, hell, at least it’s movement.



  2. Money. Yes I play in a group of people that contributes $10 at the beginning of the year. For every one pound you gain pay a $1, for every weigh in you miss pay $5, and the winner at the end gets the pot.
  3. As much as I say I don’t want my daughter to have to deal with body issues, if she’s not overweight she won’t have to deal right…Hang my head in shame on this one. But no so in shame because it does amount to me making sure she eats healthy. And because she mimics me, I only eat healthy foods in front of her. (That doesn’t mean I don’t hide the unhealthy, and steal a cookie behind her high chair)
  4. On my daughter I don’t want her to be lazy like I am, so when she’s not in daycare I try not to turn on the TV and always take her to do stuff. I’m not doing it out of some great belief that TV kills brain cells just that once my TV goes on, I’m done doing anything for the day. I’d rather do stuff with her, so she can learn. (Still not working out here, but again at least it’s moving)

    I don't want to be one

    I don’t want to be one

  5. Packing my gym bag when I do the laundry, and having to wash the clothes. I’m proud of myself when I do the laundry and there are 5 days’ worth of gym clothes to wash. And I don’t bother putting them away. I just throw them right back in my bag. I keep the bag in my car, and then I have a second bag to take dirty stuff home in every day.
  6. Other in shape women. If they can do it, then I can do it. Seriously. I get annoyed that I can’t do it.
  7. TV is my number one motivator. Yes. The thing that makes me the laziest also makes me the most active. I pick my favorite TV show on Netflix or one that I can download and I won’t let myself watch it unless I’m on the treadmill.

    Only on Episode 1 and it's so good!!!

    Only on Episode 1 and it’s so good!!!

So there you have it.  This is what is going to get me in shape.  Way different then what I posted last year about this time.  Although my beliefs are certainly the same from last year, this shows a more complete picture of the true humanity of it all.  Or that is just my fancy way of saying I’m only human after all.