Pretty Woman

Hello my name is Brooklyn Gundlach and I don’t read fashion magazines.

Ohh yay that is finally off my chest. I’ve been caring around this weight for far too long.

Okay while I’m at it, here’s another thing, I don’t like shopping for myself most days. I much prefer to do it for you ladies!


Okay, okay, one more….

I sometimes look like I’m completely falling apart. Think of me dressed in my brother’s nasty old sweat pants, my husband’s old long sleeve shirt, underwear that is older than my child, and I haven’t showered in four days. Pretty image isn’t it.

This feels so good to get off my chest. I bet you are dying to hire me now huh?

But this is exactly why you should want to work with me. For starters how can the image above be intimidating? I mean I am as big of a mess as most of us woman.

There’s more though. For years I’ve been on here and talked about fashion. I will tell you I’m great at dressing women of all sizes. I’m great at fit, and I’m great at helping you find a style that works for you. But I don’t think it HAS to do with fashion. Fashion is part of it, but it’s not why I do what I do, and I’m guessing if you are anything like me, it’s not what you are thinking about when you are getting ready in the morning.

I do what I do because I want you to feel empowered to be the best version of you you can be. It breaks my heart that women have so much trouble talking about what is beautiful about them inside and out. To quote Pretty Woman “The bad things are easier to believe. Haven’t you noticed that?!” It really is. Not only what you hear, but what we think of ourselves, and what we focus on ourselves.

Pretty Woman

I want to help you perpetuate the positive. It is really hard work to switch our way of thinking. Sometimes it’s easier to switch the outside stuff before we work on the inside stuff. So that is why I think about style and fashion.



About stellalucille

Growing up, I did not like to shop-in fact, it almost always ended in tears. As a teenager I was busy baking, swimming, and hanging out with my boyfriend, not reading Seventeen or Elle for fashion advise. There was no indication I’d find my calling in fashion. But that all changed when I went to Los Angeles for collage and wanted to look the part. At first I loved to shop, but I easily gained the freshman 15, then more. Shopping became more difficult, but I stilled wanted to dress well. I fell in love with finding fashion forward clothing for the curvy woman and from there I had a plus size clothing. I’ve been all sizes- from straight sizes to junior plus, plus, maternity plus and back again. I love fashion and believe everyone needs to dress in his or her own style, while meshing that with what is fashion forward, fits, and works within your budget. Even though I’m the woman that wanted to wear jeans to my own wedding, I’ve always been the person that friends and family turn to for fashion advise, developing style, creating a shopping plan, educating them on fit, and helping them see beyond their own body perceptions. Put it this way I didn’t wear jeans to my wedding but when I found that elusive, perfect dress the first thing I said was it “feels” like I’m in my jeans. Finding the right fit is not always easy. Finding the right clothes is not always easy, and finding the right style is not always easy. But I can help you with all of that. Whatever shape or size, gender, lifestyle or budget there are great, fashionable, clothes for you. Feeling good in what you wear can make you feel great in who you are.

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