When Whine Takes over? WINE!

Last week I posted one my favorite, easy, go to recipes that will even get the kids to eat vegetables. Yay for a mom win! But what about the days we aren’t winning, and everyone is WHINING? What then? I’m guessing the answer might be WINE!

Well I don’t know how many of you know, but I used to work in the world of wine in a past life. And I don’t mean past life as in I was Cleopatra in a past life. I mean I’ve managed a wine bar and store and I’ve been a market manager for a wine supplier. So I figured if I’m going to share favorite family hacks, the most I can do for you is also share my favorite go to wines for days when everyone is whining.

Pintrest Making Wine

I will start out by saying I am a very seasonal drinker. When the weather is warm I want white and when it’s cold I want red, and I always want bubbles. I can pair wine with food, but I don’t. In other words although I know the secrets of sommeliers, I abide by what I want, when I want it, not their secrets. I will also warn that because my husband works in the wine world my tastes can be super pricey. BUT I also love a great “Tuesday-Night” wine that retails for under $20, and ideally under $15 and even better if it can handle being open for a day or so.   Finally always, always, always drink what you want and what you like. Don’t worry about what is trendy in the wine world and what you should drink with something.

One more thing I should note, I’m not doing much drinking at all lately as we are expecting our second child in the next few months. But that didn’t stop me from just returning from a wine tasting trip to France where I had full permission from my doctor to do some tasting.

So what have I been drinking? Despite the fact that the weather has been bi-polar and that I’m not drinking much I actually still have something that has been a go to. I highly recommend you try 2009 Bodega Benegas Cabernet from Argentina! It’s an awesome value for a wine that way over delivers for it’s price point. Check it out here: Knightsbridgewine.com

Benegas Cab

I love wine from South America. There is so much value there and the wines are so good. For a while everyone got on the Malbec kick from South America, but there is so much more coming out of there. To me this cab brings some rusticness of cab that is typical of old world cabs and yet is certainly new world without being super Napa-ish. And certainly doesn’t carry a Napa price tag. I used to have this on my list when I was managing the bar and recently rediscovered it. It also pairs great with food. Because we aren’t managing to go through a bottle in one sitting anymore we have discovered it holds easily through the next day when we put it in the fridge for the night.  The perfect wine for whining or wine-ing or just Tuesday night drinking!



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