C is for Cookie…

Is cookie for me?

C is for cookie

Living with a 3 year old certainly has its ups and downs. Really living with any child of any age has its ups and downs. But lately we are dealing consequences. If she does A then B happens. This works for both good and bad. If she goes two weeks with no accidents then we get to go to the museum. If she doesn’t clean up her toys with me then every toy mommy touches, mommy gets to keep for 24 hours. Luckily I have a very quick learner. Bribery works best and it’s rare these days that I take something for 24 hours. I attempt to make the bribe or punishment match the issue at hand. And given that she is 3 I try my best not to bribe with food. I succeed in this maybe 25% of the time. The problem, with bribing with food, besides nutritionally for her, is then that food is in the house. My husband and I end up eating her candy, cookies, cake, you name it. I think I’ve put on more weight during potty training than I ever did being pregnant with her.

My cousin is the one who has guided me on much of my parenting learning curve. She has two kids. One is 8 years older and the other is 3 years older than my munchkin. She is a great mom, a great chef, a great business owner, and a great woman. She shares my love of food, and also shares a want and a need to be healthy given our genes or jeans if you prefer.

So the other day she tells me that Saturday morning she got up and went for her usual work out. a balanced dietIn the afternoon her kids had all of our cousins over who are similar ages to her kids. (They live in Fl. so we weren’t able to participate) It was time to rally the motley crew of 6 kids all under the age of 11 to go do something so she offered them all a cookie if they would do such and such. As she’s handing out the cookies all but one says thank you. Love it. We have polite kids who are listening. There is a reason I look to her to set my parenting learning curve. Then one kid doesn’t say thank you.

So she says “Do you have something to say after I hand you a cookie?”

The smart ass (and I mean that in the most loving way) that he is replies “nah.”

“Are you sure, all the other kids said thank you.”

“Nope, I’m good.”

So she takes his cookie and eats it right there.

She is my hero! She went on to tell me that in that moment she really didn’t even want the freaking cookie either. It wasn’t worth the calories. I mean it was a good cookie, but not what she wanted to spend the calories on especially after working out that morning.

This story is resonating with me as I look at the sacrifices, big and small, that we, as moms, make for our children. Not only do we give our bodies over to them to have them, but also in the little stuff we do daily to chase them around the house, us skipping a shower so that we can spend 15 extra minutes with them, or eating the cookie so that we can instill good behavior into our children. And in the end it’s worth it. Or at least that is what I tell myself every night when I go to bed.

But I really do think it’s worth it. My husband thinks I need to let go of control a bit, and some might see the cookie story as harsh. But I will tell you when I offer my child a big toy or special time with her family at the museum she chooses the museum. She says thank you and you’re welcome (granted I have to give Maui from Moana some credit for that). You're WelcomeShe cleans up after herself and yet still believes in being a super hero or a princess and dances and plays.

So with that in mind C is for cookie and cookie is for me if I get to continue to watch my daughter’s smile light up a room.



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