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Welcome to My Nest

I’m three weeks away from popping. Popcorn Popping I feel like the little thermometer on the turkey is already up and this kid has been ready to get out of me for… ohhh I don’t know…the last 20 weeks. And part of me can’t wait to get her out. On the other hand, man I am not ready to have a second child. When I realized how little time was left until delivery date had my husband and I still had not discussed names, where she was going to sleep, pulled our baby stuff out of storage, or registered for the hospital. Basically it was time to spend the next three weeks getting ready for baby.

I started to think about all I did for Stella before she was born. The Luvs commercials are correct. With our first we had everything organized before I even hit 30 weeks. Diapers and clothes ready to go, coming home outfit hand knitted Coming home outfit and a Pack N Play set up even though we were in a condo and had a crib as well. Her name was a last minute hold out, but that was because we had so many options we loved, rather than having very few as we do now.

My favorite was designing her nursery. My husband was amazing and let me do whatever I wanted. I went with a friend painting a “Starry Starry Night” mural on the wall with bright colors. Nursery The furniture, on the other hand, became quite the disappointment. I worked in the furniture industry for years. I know how it is produced. I know the best places to shop for it. I had the absolute cutest furniture as a kid myself that you could ever imagine. I should also note my father is also in the furniture industry. He so kindly offered to buy my crib. Even though I found some beautiful ones, I ended up buying a Target crib that was very simple. We will use the same crib for this kiddo. He was disappointed and opted to buy the stroller instead then.

But even looking back I think I made the right choice. The crib is short lived. But as my oldest is moving into a big girl world, I’m struggling to find the furniture I want for her. We are rearranging her room to encourage being a big girl and the joys that comes with. I spent Easter making a jellyfish light for her. Jellyfish LightBy hanging it we had to move things around.
She’s struggled for a moment that the room wasn’t the exact same, but then was so happy to have the light on all night. Rearranging furniture is what I call the “Starbucks Effect” Change one little thing, buy one little coffee and it can change the whole view of the day. And it worked. She is feeling very big girl today.

But as I am looking for the right bed for her, and a new dresser I am finding the long lasting items that are beautifully crafted, that offer imagination and whimsy while also meeting my needs aren’t as out there as I thought they would be. This is an industry I know inside and out and yet can’t find what I want. Until then, Target to the rescue. But it does make me wonder.

What are some of your furniture wishes for your children’s rooms and playrooms?

For me I want storage in everything, I want whimsy for a playful environment and I want modularity. Yes, cribs can become toddler beds, but if you don’t buy the extra, super expensive pieces to convert to a bed at the time you buy the crib you might be out of luck. I mean modularity in that ottomans that stack up or stack across to create benches or drawers in a tower form. I want bright designs and fun. And not just the car or princess bed that you can have in cheap plastic or you can go for the super expensive but something that defines our children as more than car or princess loving. I mean my daughter loves both. So how can we work them together?

So what was your must have piece of furniture for your first?

What was your must have piece of furniture for children after your first?

And what’s the dream piece you can’t find?

 I’m dying to hear what worked for you and what didn’t. Not just because I’m in need now, but also because I’m curious what I am missing in this industry I know so well.

Passion for Fashion

Passion for fashion

I talk a lot about style and trying to find a style that fits into your lifestyle needs, wants, and budget. This is not that post.

When I was pregnant I was not one to collect clothes for my little one. I just didn’t get into it. I kept thinking why do I want to invest in super cute clothes just for them to get destroyed. And then I inherited some gorgeous second hand clothes for her, and my style diva exploded. Thankfully I shared similar taste as the woman I inherited all her clothes from, but my budget has still taken a hit. I’ve fallen in love with some children’s clothing designers that I have forgone a night out with friends to purchase a beloved dress for my daughter, and I’ve even gone so far on occasion to not allow her to wear a special shirt because I didn’t trust what daycare might do to the shirt if their was a stain.

In essence what I’ve done is transferred my fantasy style on to my daughter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dressed her and thought I wish I had that outfit. Or I wish that outfit would look as cute on me as it does on her. And it’s not like I’m playing dress up with tutu’s and big bows. No! Nine times out of ten it’s jeans and just the cutest shirt ever.

Proudly (sadly for my budget) I’ve passed on this passion for fashion on to my daughter. There are days where her style is just amazing, and there are days when her style is just amazing. (Please make sure you are reading one amazing as “it was simply amazing to meet my hero”, and the other amazing as “what is happening in our country”) There are days when people stop us to compliment her and she is so proud wearing her bright red cowboy boots with sparkly stars, her pink tutu under her batgirl Halloween costume, complete with Annie Hall hat. Red Cowboy BootsAnd there are days when she gets complimented because she is in her Annie Hall hat with green army vest with jeans and a black sparkly shirt and is rocking it. Oddly enough though, the girl hates shopping. She just wants me to bring home clothes. A win in my book, I still have some semblance of control.


This morning she walked out in one of my favorites. I have to say it took her 4 months to get excited about this piece but this morning she was bouncing off the walls to wear her poncho. Yes, I know, the thought of a poncho can evoke laughter, but really it’s the cutest thing. This is not the poncho in Ugly Betty. AMERICA FERRERAAnd although I don’t think as an adult I would wear this piece, I do wish there was a kick ass shirt in this pattern. It couldn’t be any cuter.

My favorite poncho

And it’s from Target. I’ve been super impressed with the Target styles lately. This is Oshkosh, but did you know that the Cat and Jack items have a one year warranty on them. And they are so cute! So for this month, this is my pick as favorite piece my daughter is wearing. Paired with jeans and pink books.