Hire Brooklyn

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Personal Shopping: Need a special outfit? Need a great date night look? Taking family pictures? What about something to wear to the office? Just need an overhaul? Or do you just absolutely hate shopping? Whatever it is I’m here to help. Shop with an expert and find what makes up your style, what fits, what’s fashionable, and just have that “honest” opinion with you. We can peruse the aisles together at your favorite store, or I can have everything waiting for you in the dressing room so you don’t even need to deal with the crowds!

Don’t like hitting up the stores, or don’t have the time? No worries, after a consultation I can take care of it all myself. I will shop for you with your look, and shape in mind.

Closet Consultation:  Is your closet a scary place?  Full of things that you don’t wear? Full of sizes that you haven’t fit in since high school? Do you have clothes in your closet that are older than your phone?  I’m here to help clean it up. We will go through your closet, decide what to keep, what to toss, what to tailor, and what is missing.

Outfit Creation: There is nothing better than shopping for free. That is what we will do in your own closet.  We will create outfits for you using your existing clothes.  Whether you are looking for a great outfit for going out, work outfits, or day to night  we will cover it all.  After we finish I will put together a book for you complete with pictures so that you will never forget what piece works with what.

Virtual Styling:

Don’t live in Chicago, but want to hire me?  No problem.  We can talk on the phone or video chat and  I’ll get to know you and your style.  I will then put together a virtual shopping cart for you by putting together links and pictures that are within your style, fit and budget.  Then shop at your convenience.  I also offer closet consultations and outfit creations this way.


Do you love shopping on the internet but you aren’t sure about how something is going to fit just by looking at it?  I can help you with that too.  You shop, you email me the links before you purchase and I can fill you in how it will fit, if you will like it, does it mesh with your style, and even if there is a place where you might find something similar cheaper.

Girls Night (or Day) Out:

Shopping is fun with friends when you are with me and wine.  I will discuss current trends, conduct individual light consultations with everyone there and even give wine knowledge if you want! (In a previous life I worked in the wine biz!)  Or we can paint the town red and go shopping.  Same services available only now we will pick a shopping district and I will scope out the best boutiques for the group we are with coordination with fit, trend, budget, and style for each member of our group.  I’m also available to assist with special occasion shopping as a group- think bridesmaids dresses!

Speaking Engagements:

Based in Stella Lucille’s philosophy that individual style is about meshing trend, fit, and budget with personality to help bring out inner beauty.  I am available for groups from 5 to 500 and even more.  I cater to each engagement to meet specific needs and wants.  Topics have included:

-Quick Styling Tips

-Fashion Trends for The Curvy Girl

-Style vs. Everyday Living


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